“The Lord has told you what is good

and this is what he requires of you

to do what is right, to love mercy,

and to walk humbly with your God

Micah 6:8


Braden brodeur

Community Service Pastor


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Who Am I?

"Welcome! I'm Braden, a Community Service Pastor serving at Chapel, ​located in the vibrant West Edmonton Mall.

With the privilege of being in the largest mall in Canada, I have the ​incredible opportunity to engage with people from diverse backgrounds ​and share the message of Jesus. My passion lies in being the first point ​of contact for those who are unfamiliar with the Christian faith.

At the Chapel, I am actively involved in next generational programs, with ​a particular focus on empowering and guiding young individuals. As the ​coordinator of our dynamic youth program, I strongly believe that God is ​raising up new leaders from those who may currently be unaware of the ​transformative power of the Good News.

Join me on this journey of spreading hope, love, and faith within the ​heart of the West Edmonton Mall community. Together, let's explore the ​joy of discovering the boundless possibilities that a relationship with ​Jesus brings."

My Mission

it is my personal mission to be a messenger of the Gospel in unconventional places like the ​vibrant West Edmonton Mall community. Guided by my deep-rooted faith in Jesus Christ, I am ​committed to serving and uplifting individuals from all walks of life.

1. Sharing the Good News: I'm passionate about sharing the life-changing message of Jesus in a way that makes sense in our everyday lives. Through hanging out in a mall, conversations, events, and online platforms, I'll break down barriers and show the amazing power of God's love.

2. Connecting People: Let's build real connections in a warm and welcoming space. I want everyone to feel like they belong and have a safe place to explore their faith and ask questions. Together, we'll support and encourage one another.

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3. Empowering the Next Generation: I'm committed to empowering young individuals to ​discover their purpose and become influential leaders. With our exciting youth program, we'll ​inspire them to make a positive impact in their communities and beyond.

4. Serving Others: I believe that the greatest way to serve other is through prayer. I can listen ​and support but it is god who changes the heart. It is God who can restore what is broken. I ​serve other by connecting them with the living God.

5. To be a Bridge to the Church: my goal is to be coneecting people with the local church to see ​people grow in their faith community

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Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the

Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit

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youth Drop-in

The youth Drop-In provides a safe space for teenagers in the West Edmonton Mall. There are games, arts, crafts. snacks and other team building activities. We serve 25 to 60 youth on a Thursday drop in and many more during normal mall hours.


definition of pastor

West edmonton mall Chapel

Relationally sharing Jesus with those in WEM. Providing a pastoral presence in a secular setting. People can drop in to the chapel to receive pastoral care, prayer, scripture reading and Christian community.

Preaching from the bible

Outreach training

Braden led an outreach training session for the church and youth group, offering practical guidance on sharing their faith. Providing opportunity to share Good News with your community.

Partner With Me

Prayer Support

Prayer is the most powerful form of support. Your prayers are more valuable that anything. Please pray for me as I navigate the challenges and opportunities of serving in the West Edmonton Mall community. Your consistent prayers for me, the individuals I interact with, and the community as a whole create an atmosphere of grace and transformation.

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Sharing My Mission

You can also contribute by sharing ​my mission and story with others. By ​spreading the word about the work I ​do as a Community Service Pastor at ​the Chapel, you help raise awarene​ss and connect with potenti​al supporters who may be interested ​in partnering with me. Your advoca​cy and personal endorsement make​ a significant difference in expandi​ng our network of suppor​t.

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Volunteer Assistance

You can also contribute your time and ​skills as a volunteer. By assisting with ​events, outreach activities, or ​administrative tasks, your ​involvement helps lighten the load ​and frees up resources, allowing me ​to focus more on directly serving ​individuals and meeting their needs. ​if you are interested in volunteering ​please email me at ​pastorbraden@shaw​.ca

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WAYS TO GIVE Finacially

I am fully funded by your generous donations.

If you're interested in partnering in the ministry of outreach to WEM, there are several ways you can donate. ​All donations are tax-deductible. Here are the options:

Online: Follow the link HERE to donate via the PAOC. Your donation will do to support my outreach work in ​West Edmonton Mall


If you prefer to donate via cheque, please make it out to “PAOC Mission Canada” and write “MC Braden ​Brodeur” in the memo section. Please mail to 2450 Milltower Court, Mississauga, ON, L5N 5Z6

Donation by e-Transfer:

To donate by e-transfer, submit your support to donations@paoc.org.

Remember to include the name of the worker that you would like to partner with as well as your contact ​information so that we can send your annual tax receipt.

Thank you for supporting our mission.

The Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada charitable number is 107833295RR0374

Giving of Donation
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Experience & Education

Edmonton Father's House

Braden is the community service pastor at Edmonton Father's House. Braden has ​served at Fathers House for many year and was involved in the street ministries, ​community drop-in for the homeless and low-income people, youth programs ​and children's camps.

vanguard College

Braden attended Vanguard College in Edmonton and graduated with a

Bachelors of Theology in Pastoral Ministries

A certificate in Youth and Family Ministries

Certificate of Community Chaplaincy

2022 - Church of God Chaplaincy commision